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    Whether you want something to do with your family, get a fun healthy workout, or want to compete at the highest level, Pickleball has something to offer for everyone!

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    Come out with some friends and family for a fun-filled Pickleball class! Depending on your skill level, we can start with the basics, and get you playing games in 1 session with us!

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    We have some of the top coaches in the country ready to take your game to the next level! Whether just starting out, or a seasoned vet, we have the coach for you!

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about us

Our goal

Pickleball Academy was created to provide athletes with the opportunity to take part in one of the fastest-growing sports in North America, and for good reason!

Whether you are new to the sport, or a seasoned veteran, PB Academy aims to get you on the court, and get you involved in the sport of Pickleball. Our aim is to encourage people of all genders, ages, and backgrounds to come out, have some fun and take their skillset to the next level.

With coaches from all over Alberta, our highly skilled team of professionals are trained in NCCP and IPTPA and have a signature coaching style specializing in fun and enjoyment while building your Pickleball skillset.


44 feet of fun!

Pickleball Academy Canada ensures that all their coaches teach the sport the right way, with fun and enjoyment as a foundational piece!

Pickleball is a unique sport that can be played at any age while sharing exercise, teamwork, and sportsmanship while having a competitive spirit! 

Whether brand new to the sport and just looking for something new to try or a seasoned veteran trying to take their skillset to the next level, PAC is the place for you!



How would you like to learn?
A great gift for the family or extended family, at the end of the 1.5 hr session, you will know how to keep score and play a basic game of pickleball, whether you’re on holiday or just at the beach or looking for family togetherness, this is a great clinic to get started. Paddles can be provided

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A fun-based clinic designed for beginners. If you are new to pickleball, you will get an introduction to the game – basic strokes, rules, scoring, and strategy. 2 hr session.   

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  • 5 pack with Round Robin play (beginner) 2.5 player
  • 5 pack with Round Robin play (intermediate) 3.0 player 
  • 5 pack with Round Robin play (advanced) 3.5 player
*Max 8 players per session* Each week you will receive a different pickleball skill lesson at the end of the 1 hr lesson, and it will be followed by a 2 hr Round Robin play to work on the skills taught.

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This 3-hr clinic is a combination of skill and strategy. Dinking, ground strokes and serve and return 3rd / 5th shot and volleying

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This is designed for 3.0 players wanting to go to 3.5 Skills and Drills. The purpose of skills and drills is to improve your gameplay by working on your skills by doing drills that will strengthen your court presence. This is designed for 3.5 players who want to go to 3.5 Skills and Drills. The purpose of skills and drills is to improve your gameplay by working on your skills by doing drills that will improve your court presence

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Are you looking for a nice, relaxing day of fun for your business? We can arrange a corporate event for the perfect team building experience!
Are you interested in setting up a tournament but don't know how? We have you covered! Let our team of experts organize it for you!
Perhaps you are looking to set a league up in your area? Our team of experienced members can show you the ropes to expanding this great sport!
Do you want a breakdown of your game? The Pickleball Academy coaches will film, and breakdown your game to help you improve

Meet Our Coaches!

Pickleball Canada has some of the top coaches that the sport has to offer! All coaches follow the policy of fun, engaging and supportive, as we strive to ensure this becomes a lifelong activity for all academy members.

Gale Thomas

PB Player 4.0


Addison Green

PB Player 5.0


Addison Green

PB Player 5.0

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Family Fun!

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What People Say

Rich is a patient and observant instructor, able to teach technical skills as well as appropriate tactics and strategy. Most of all, Rich is able to teach the game of pickleball in an impactful way while making it fun to learn all at the same time. If you are looking for a coach to take your game to the next level, I would highly recommend Rich.
John Kim
Pickleball Athlete
Rich was a great mentor. He taught us the skills we needed to advance to a higher competitive level of pickleball. He was thorough, knowledgeable, encouraging, & fun to be around!
Beth and Cathy
Pickleball Athletes
My Pickleball career started with my family just trying to do something together! We fell in love with the sport of Pickleball during our Tuesday night sessions. Richard taught me everything that I know, and now I am proud to say that I am a sponsored Pickleball athlete and live a fun, active lifestyle all thanks to Rich getting me out on the courts!
Haddow Thul
5.0 Pickleball Athlete

Upcoming Events

Keep up to date with the latest Pickleball events happening in Alberta! Interested in joining? Reach out to us!



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3.0 Drive Drop Shop

Designed for a  3.0-rated player. 
This clinic is designed to improve your game from  serve, return, drive drop, blocking.  



Drive, Drop, and Decide

This clinic is designed to teach you how to get to the net. We will discuss how you get to the net and apply pressure, and also what you should do as the receiving team at the net! 

Sylvan Lake Franchise Is Now Open!

Swing by Pickleball Academy in the Beautiful Sylvan Lake Alberta!
Become a member of Pickleball Academy today! If you are interested in becoming a coach as well, send us a message with your name and bio and we will be in touch!

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